Understanding the topography of the European seas

EMODnet Bathymetry WMTS service

EMODnet Bathymetry imagery tiles are available as via OGC WMTS tiles. The capabilities document is available at

More information about integrating EMODnet Bathymetry data services can be found at


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Available tilesets

All layers are rendered in projection EPSG:4326. Some layers are available in other tile sets. See below for an overview. In the future other tilesets might be released. If your WMTS client requires a different projection, you can try our WMS service or contact us for a solution

web_mercatorWeb MercatorEPSG:3857
laeaLAEA LambertEPSG:3035
epsg_3031Antarctic Polar StereographicEPSG:3031
epsg_3996IBCAO Polar StereographicEPSG:3996

Available layers

baselayerGlobal land and water coverageimage/pngdefault
baselayer_landGlobal land coverageimage/pngdefault
mean_atlas_landMean depth full coverage with land coverageimage/pngdefault
mean_multicolourMean depth in multi colourimage/pngdefault
mean_rainbowcolourMean depth rainbow colour rampimage/pngdefault